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280                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

The French bishops, I hear, mean to resist
the despotic order of the Pope, which forces them
to betray their flocks, renounce their allegiance
and empower Bonaparte to fill their sees with all
sorts of mauvais sujets, without assigning any motive,
or in any shape benefiting religion. They may
add, "and without holding out the least temporal
advantage to them," for their places are already
filled, no pension promised, much less secured.
There—there's the rub! I do not know who is
in the right—non nostrum est inter tantos.

I met General Moore for the first time yester-
day. He avoided all mention of his departed
friends—but I interpreted his looks. Pelham is
everything that is kind and friendly. I love him
as my incomparable son did. He has an excellent
heart and a good head.

I have seen in the Morning Herald a flaming
advertisement of Axwell Park to be let. What
would old Sir Thomas say, were he to pop his
red face out of Wickham churchyard.? Ignorance
of what passes on this mole-hill, or at least a total
indifference about it, seems necessary to our quiet
in the next world. Indeed, as these things can
only affect our senses and passions, which depend,
in part, at least, on our material organs, there
can be little doubt of the apathy of the trepasses*